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The Promise of Sunrise is a historical novel set in the twenties of the last century. Known to be the “best of times” of the US, everything is turned upside down as Wall Street crashes in 1929.

The protagonist, Paige Fitzghugh, experiences the best and worst years of her life between the years 1928 and 1929. Born to a wealthy family, Paige was set out to marry someone of the same social standing. She was tasked to marry a man she does not love and who does not love her.

Paige finally decides that she’s had enough. Days before her wedding, she falls for a man she didn’t set out to love—Tyler Alden. It was the very first time that she desired a man in her life, not knowing that Tyler Alden only wanted revenge on her father James Fitzghugh.

Tyler and Paige marry each other even without the consent of the Fitzghughs. The marriage, though satisfactory at times, is filled with loneliness, distrust, betrayal, and doubts for the path taken.


Lottie Heideman

“Fresh romance novel set in an interesting era. I love reading historical romance because it doesn’t only warm your heart, it also teaches you something.”

Holly Walsh

“A novel interlaced with the main character wanting to live a life written by a poet. Interesting and thrilling.”

Rosie Bullock

“The plot twists got me!”

About the Author

Melinda Heald is a native of Arizona. She is a retired elementary school teacher who specialized in language arts and has brought reading to a myriad of children. She writes children’s stories and has also written seven novels of different genres. She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.

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It was the first time Paige had ever felt cherished by a man. She felt like a person, not a possession to be auctioned off for some man’s benefit.

“Love is very difficult, child,” Naomi said, “but worth fighting for. I hope you understand that.”

He recalled the words of love, at last painstakingly expressed, written on the piece of paper. She didn’t know he loved her. And it had been the only way to let her know.

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